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Year of the Tiger

Few Chinese Horoscope books contain overall prognostications for the year. In my large collection of these books, one of the few that does is the first edition of Theodora Lau's The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, published in 1979. Unfortunately, in the later editions of this book, her overall predictions for each year have been removed.

To provide my friends with this interesting information, here is Ms. Lau's overall forecast for the Year of the Tiger, plus her predictions for how individuals will fare this year, given the animal that represents their birth year. (To determine what animal you are, see my table of animals for birth dates.)

One of the few online sites I've found with both overall and individual forecasts is WayangTimes (it doesn't provide exact dates for the Chinese years, though).

The predictions are for a raucous year. Never mind. Let's all enjoy the beauty of life, family and friends! You might enjoy seeing my facebook album of the beautiful tiger paintings by famed artist Zhang Shanzi offering 10 New Year's wishes to you and your family for good luck, prestige, prosperity, happiness, safety, contentment, ease, health, longevity, success, and reunion.

The Year of the Tiger
February 14, 2010 - February 2, 2011

This is definitely an explosive year. It usually begins with a bang and ends with a whimper. A year earmarked for war, disagreement and disasters of all kinds. But it will also be a big, bold year. Nothing will be done on a small, timid scale. Everything, good and bad, can and will be carried to extremes. Fortunes can be made and lost. If you take a chance, gamble for high stakes, but understand that the odds are stacked against you.

People will do drastic and dramatic things on the spur of the moment. It is not surprising that Watergate and the drama of Nixon's resignation culminated in the hotheaded year of the Tiger. Tempers will flare all around and it will be a trying time for diplomacy. Like the Tiger, we will tend to charge without thinking and end up regretting our rashness.

Friendships, joint ventures and deals requiring mutual trust and cooperation made at this time are brittle and will be easily broken. However, the forceful and vigorous Tiger year can also be used to inject new life and vitality into lost causes, sinking ventures and drab or failing industries. It will likewise be a time for massive change, for the introduction of new and bold, especially highly controversial, ideas.

The fiery heat of the Tiger's year will no doubt touch everyone's life. In spite of its negative aspects, we must realize that it could have a cleansing effect. just as intense heat is necessary to extract precious metals from their ores, so the Tiger year can bring out the best in us.

Just one brief word of advice for this unpredictable year. "Hang on to your sense of humor and let things sizzle out!"

How you will fare in the Year of the Tiger

Rat: A moderately fair year. This year is unsafe for speculation and the Rat will be involved in some misunderstanding or be forced to take actions that are against his better judgment. He could feel some loneliness or sadness at the death of some family member or close associate. The Rat may also be required to travel more than usual.

Ox: A difficult time. The Ox will meet opposition from many sources but will be able to conquer or persevere through his hardships. He must be patient and not be disappointed if results are not immediately visible. A time for the Ox person to reassess his position. He must not take unnecessary risks or drastic measures during the reign of the Tiger.

Tiger: A moderately good year. The Tiger is lucky in the sense that others will come to his aid when he needs help most. Still, he should not take risks as things may turn against him. He will suffer no major illness or upheavals but may be forced to spend money or be unable to save.

Rabbit: A year in which the Rabbit must be extra careful and diplomatic, as he has the tendency to get drawn into conflicts. Lawsuits or disputes arising from unreasonable demands made upon him are prevalent at this time and it would be best if he is cautious about money or the signing of important documents. Otherwise, he will get by without too much hardship and could make some gains toward the end of the year.

Dragon: A worrying and taxing time. The Dragon's plans are blocked by others and he finds it difficult to achieve desired results without much argument. He has to choose between bitter camps of opposing views and finds it hard to please his associates. Home is disturbed by sad news or the departure of some member.

Snake: A year of small but numerous irritations. The Snake may be easily drawn into conflicts not of his own making and will find it hard to please those who surround him at home or at work. He must keep his sense of humor and not indulge in senseless acts of revenge. This way he will receive the help he seeks and avoid major upheavals.

Horse: A moderately happy year for the Horse. No health problems but a lot of entertainment and additional expenses foreseen. Advancement in his studies or on the technical side of his profession can be expected. Disputes or broken friendships could result from his losing his temper this year.

Sheep: A year of mixed blessings. The Sheep native can retain power but will have to strive hard to keep in step with the opposition. Family life is calm, but trouble with relatives is predicted. His work area will be busy but he has the opportunity to meet new and beneficial contacts.

Monkey: A very unsteady time for the Monkey. He is very vulnerable to the attacks of his enemies and may be forced to flee, travel, work for others or borrow money at high interest. People tend to take advantage of his weak position. He must remain patient and lie low. A year for him to consolidate his resources and refrain from embarking on new ventures.

Rooster: An eventful year. The Rooster is lucky with money and his business ventures could produce very fruitful results. Some worries at home, but his general plans go according to schedule. Still he should be careful this year as things tend to happen too fast for proper assessment. He must not be overoptimistic.

Dog: A moderately happy year. No serious disputes at home or office. Some romantic squabbles predicted but they will do no permanent damage. The Dog's net results this year will be mixed and he will be confused by conflicting reports. Friends and family will make too many demands on his time.

Boar: A tough and trying year. The Boar will encounter difficulties that he may have to face alone. A difficult time for him to borrow money or get back money due him. He may have many unexpected expenses or be forced to pay fines, legal fees or extra taxes. He must be very careful of trusting his associates at this time and attend to important affairs himself.

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