Wednesday, February 4, 2009

NYC: Wretched Excess

Arrived in NYC yesterday. Having not eaten, I tried out a Japanese AYCE restaurant that David & Laura's friend Bill Darden had recommended. It's now called IchiUmi, 6 E. 32nd Street. Unbelievable! For $18.95 + $2 for green tea, I luxuriated in trying 6 different kinds of whole fish, dozens of nigiri and sushi rolls, plus tempura, meats, veggies, soups, oyster congee, and desserts. Honestly, the sight was more savory than the food (quality: B-), but still, the value was impressive!


  1. In addition to Education and Opera, Food is your true passion. You are a connoisseur, Rod!

  2. "the food quality gets a B+ after several Kirin Ichibans ("extra credit")... from Bill

  3. IchiUmi has quite an extensive sake list. Alas, I tend not to drink alone, so I look forward to returning with other foodie friends to see how the food improves with drink! Anyone interested?